Every memory that you hold dear

I got bored. I spent 7 hours making Yen Sid vs Rumpelstiltskin.

The original image is 1366x768 so I’m not sure if this’ll blur horribly when I upload it to Tumblr…

Resources used:

  • Pose help for Rumple [x] by SenshiStock
  • Fire texture [x] by FrostBo
  • Various textures by Miss-deviantE
  • Many, many screencaps of Rumple cut and rotated and resized…
  • Screencaps of John Noble and Dumbledore
  • ONCE logo


Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → More fun than should be allowed.


Benicio Del Toro as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman in The Wolfman (2010)

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I don’t think I’ll ever like Clara. She’s irritating. “He looked like that for meeeee?” Whut, the Doctor looked like that before he met you…

Zsnhgsgnsi I think everything she does and says will just wind me up because I don’t like her. ;___; and I wanted to like her. Sigh.


The Wolfman, 2010

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Haters gonna hate. #Thanos

They see me floatin’. They hatin’. 

1,241 notes on my Barbossa poster edit, pfffft, I think that one went the best by far out of my villains posters!

…But I am reading some of the reblog comments. G-Guys…guys it’s not real…I want Barbossa and Geoffrey Rush to appear in OUAT as much as the next guy but… o_______o

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meaganthevegan ;  
I’m sure you've been told, but your villain posters are amazing! I love them so much, especially the Barbossa one!

Why, thank you! :) Glad you like them. ^^

Oh my god, guys, I tweeted Yvette Nichole Brown my Ursula poster I made of her and she tweeted back! :D Removed my name because I AM A SHY NOODLE. 

And I fortunately know a little magic…”

I’m pretty proud of this as I had to edit in her arms (she was wearing sleeves in the photo I used). The hair is bugging me, so I might redo this one later. I tweeted this to Yvette Nichole Brown, and she tweeted me back! :D She’s so lovely!

OUAT Wishlist Villains Posters:

  • Captain Barbossa promo poster: [x]
  • Cruella De Vil promo poster: [x]
  • Doctor Facilier promo poster: [x]
  • Claude Frollo promo poster: [x]

"…And plunge them into the fiery pit!"

I was going to do Shere Khan next, but hey-ho. This looked better in my head - I was trying to make it look like a transition from his Storybrooke persona and his fairy tale persona. John Noble is an amazing actor, and he’s played two characters who could be Frollo’s real-world self and his fairy tale self.

Fire stock used: [x]

OUAT Wishlist Villains Posters:

  • Captain Barbossa promo poster: [x]
  • Cruella De Vil promo poster: [x]
  • Doctor Facilier promo poster: [x]
  • Ursula promo poster: [x]